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A day at the Vatican Museums and Garden

A day full of art in which you can visit Vatican Museums and the beautiful Vatican Gardens: Pio Clementino Museum, the Galleries, Raffaello’s rooms and the Sistina Chapel. In the gardens there are several different plants and fountains. 

Duration: FD


Augusto, the first emperor

“I found a town of brick, I letf it in marble”. An historical itinerary through the city center of Rome starting from the Foro of Augusto to the Mausoleo Dinastico, walking through Pantheon and the Ara Pacis, one of the most significantly Augustian period art sign.

Duration: HD


Rome, the city of cinema

Walking through movies places and  settings in the eternal city. A tour which allows you to walk in Rome like in a movie, among places and scenes knowed as movie set which many film makers have captured in their movies. The most famous ones are Vacanze Romane, La Dolce Vita, Angeli e Demoni, they are the leitmotif of this cinema tour.

Duration: HD


The women from Ghetto

The story of the Jewis district starting from ancient stories told by women coming from the past and from the present. From Ottavia to Beatrice Cenci, through Celeste di Porto, a Piazza Giuda’s spy and Settimia Spizzichino, a  survivor of the Holocaust, and the only woman who survived the Ghetto roundup. An exciting walk to discover roads, glimpses, squares of a” Disappeared Roma"

Duration: HD


Appia Antica Regina Viarum

Walking through Appia route it’s like a naturalistic and archeological experience, in a beautiful place full of charms. Extraordinary funeral and residencial monuments on each side, like Villa Massenzio, the Mausoleo di Romolo and the Tomb of Cecilia Metella.

Duration: HD


Colosseum and Foro Romano

A symbol of the Ancient Roman period, Flavio amphitheatre is the biggest of the world and it was famous for gladiators performances, huntings and public executions. The tour streches along the Via Sacra, through Foro Romano, the heart of the old city with its temples, abbeys and triumphal archs.

Duration: HD


Roma underground: Crypt of Cappuccini and Catacombs of Priscilla

The Crypt of Cappucini is completly decorated with skulls, leg and other bones, that's why it is a famous, because of it is being unique. Among Roman Catacombs, those of Priscilla are the biggest ones: a number of tunnels on two levels have got many paleochristian decorations. maybe here it can be found the most ancient picture of Maria.

Duration: HD

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