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Thanks to the numerous collaborations with institutions and institutions established over the years, we also organize events and congresses. In addition, the experience gained for leisure trips, has allowed us to organize incentive trips in Italy and abroad. Obviously, always following the customer-oriented policy, we want to respond to special requirements for those who leave for this type of adventure. We offer all the necessary support to realize events with services ranging from the choice of the right destination/location, to secretarial services, to merchandising, to professional photos and videos. In 2016, the first incentive trip to Dubai started, commissioned by Lightflow, an international company and in recent years we have selected locations and suppliers ideal to offer only the best. This networking allows us to organize the first national congress of ANIDIS (National Association of Seismic Engineering) followed by other meetings and conferences of various types including team building. In recent years, the customer portfolio has expanded so much that today boasts, among others, prestigious names such as the Bank of Italy, the I.N.F.N. (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) and Leonardo Spa.

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